Private Investigation Services

Our team of Licensed Private Investigators is uniquely qualified. All have law enforcement experience, most with the New York Police Department or New York State Police. All of our private investigators undergo rigorous background checks to obtain and continue their employment with Gunnar Investigative Group. We are committed to providing you a thorough investigation, adapting our professional skills to your needs and employing trusted industry experts when appropriate.

Locating people and witnesses
This may be as innocuous as finding a long lost friend or family member, or as vital as finding an eye witness to an accident or crime or a missing child. Due to our long history in law enforcement this is a particular specialty of Gunnar Investigative Group.

Criminal Investigations
Whether you're a defendant in a criminal case or a victim of a crime, you want and need the facts on your side. Our decades of experience in law enforcement and relationships we have with countless law firms makes us uniquely qualified to provide the experience you need.

Civil Investigations
It seems we live in a very litigious society. Whichever side you're on you need a case built on objective evidence that will stand up to scrutiny and even appeals. That's what you get from a thorough investigation conducted and documented by Gunnar Investigation Group. Don't risk your reputation and your finances!

Background Checks
This can include but isn't limited to personal, employment, and address history, criminal record, judgments and liens, DMV license/registration, telephone listings, real estate holdings, Board of Elections search, bankruptcy records, and professional license search. Provide a safer environment for potential employees, home health aids, and even dating. 

We employ traditional and cutting edge surveillance techniques to provide photographic, video, and documented reports for marital cases, Worker’s Compensation and medical claims, background checks, and more.

Accident Investigations
Auto accidents, slip and falls, work related, and more. We will provide whatever evidence is necessary; photos, measurements, expert testimony, sketches, witness statements.

School District Residency Investigations
We employ a number of tactics including research, documentation, and surveillance to determine whether a student has the right to be attending a public school based upon residence. This not only keeps preferred districts from becoming over burdened, but helps identify high risk students and parents "hiding" in districts where they don't belong. 

Marital and Divorce
Matrimonial infidelity investigations are performed to determine if a person's spouse or partner is unfaithful or committing adultery. This is accomplished through documented surveillance, investigative research, witness statements, and more. These same methods and materials may become necessary to document lifestyles and behaviors for subsequent Child Custody Investigations.

Legal support services
We work with law offices for everything from process serving, to witness location and interviews, to expert witness testimony. We specialize in the client sign-up and intake process, providing detailed reports and notarized forms.

Insurance investigations
In cases of Worker's Compensation we will investigate the claimant's current social and employment activities as well as previous claims and prepare a detailed report. In other matters we can provide accident reconstruction, witness location and interviews, and fraud investigations.

Drone services
Drones can be invaluable to provide a crisp and clear birds-eye-view in accident investigations, surveillance, and civil cases where other investigative techniques might prove impossible. Don't allow an unlicensed or non-compliant operator provide you with poor results or open you up to legal or safety concerns!

Internal investigations
We can work inside of your business or organization to identify problems and improprieties or simply ensure everything is above board. If need be we can even work covertly among the ranks of your staff.